trash vs literature

Roger Burton West roger at
Tue Jan 18 06:23:55 EST 2005

On Tue, Jan 18, 2005 at 06:14:35AM -0500, jack at wrote:

>I disagree, There's some absolutely splendid television out of a fantasy nature including
>Carnivale on HBO, and the now concluded Farscape series. It ain't the medium that's determines if it's trash -- it's the content!

I rather think that you're making Margaret's point for her. As I
understand it, she's not saying that all or most TV is trash, just that
she doesn't watch it; and that people always interpret this as her
saying that all or most TV is trash.

I'm in the same position (I don't actually have an way of receiving TV
signals; I watch occasional DVDs on the computers). Even in the UK,
where we don't have such high penetration of TV that one has to
subscribe to, not having a television set is Strange. (All right, so
four out of six people in my regular role-playing group don't have
them, but... :-)


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