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Soft drink sounds "menu-y" to me, but still is used. Generally I say
pop.  Lemonade isn't fizzy unless it's specified.  Tea means hot tea.
Iced Tea means strong tea that has been cooled and sweetened (not
some syrupy stuff from a packet).

shopping/grocery bag

pram or baby buggy for non-sitting-up sort and stroller for the
sitting up sort.

sub (if it's from Mr.Sub or Subway), otherwise just sandwich.

swimsuit or bathing suit

School bag is what I'd use as a generic, but more commonly they're
called by their type -- so backpack or messenger bag (aka courier bag).
In case these names aren't clear, backpack is the sort that is
roundish-squarish and has two straps and is worn on the back.  A
messenger bag is rectangular and has one strap, usually worn diagonally
across the chest, so that the bag hangs over your bottom, but can also
be worn with the strap on the shoulder so the bag hangs beside you.

Isn't language interesting ?


On Mon, Jan 17, 2005 at 10:31:03PM -0500, Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) wrote:
> Maybe someone can help me out here.  What is the generic name for drinks like Sprite and 7 Up?  Here they would be lemonade.  No one I have asked over there seems to know, and I usually just ask for a Sprite and say it's okay if they only have 7 Up.
> Soft drink.
> Shopping bag.  Or plastic bag.
> Pram.  Pusher sometimes if the baby sits upright.
> Roll (or sub if it is from Subway).
> Bathers
> School bag.
> Kylie
> Well I used to think of all soft drinks as "cokes" but now with the whole coke/pepsi rivalry I always say coke to mean coke and then sprite or pepsi or dr. pepper or barqs or whatever...

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