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> Maybe someone can help me out here.  What is the generic name for 
> drinks like Sprite and 7 Up?  Here they would be lemonade.  No one I 
> have asked over there seems to know, and I usually just ask for a 
> Sprite and say it's okay if they only have 7 Up.

It's pop or soda or soda pop depending on where you live. Or, sometimes 
in the South, I understand, it's a coke (as are all soft drinks in 
certain areas).


> Soft drink.
> Shopping bag.  Or plastic bag.
> Pram.  Pusher sometimes if the baby sits upright.
> Roll (or sub if it is from Subway).
> Bathers
> School bag.
> Kylie
> Well I used to think of all soft drinks as "cokes" but now with the 
> whole coke/pepsi rivalry I always say coke to mean coke and then 
> sprite or pepsi or dr. pepper or barqs or whatever...
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