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That business with got/gotten divides American English from British
English.  [It's not the only thing that divides them.]

If you speak American English, what would you call the following:

  - a carbonated beverage?
  - the thing that contains your groceries?
carbonated beverage- definitely soft drink but I've heard soda (very 50's)
thing that contains your groceries- shopping cart? or the bags would be 
grocery bag I guess.

> What I'd really like to know though, is what do you call the thing
> with wheels you use to push around your baby?
> Is it:
> A. a pushchair
> B. a stroller
> C. a baby carriage
> D. a pram
> E. a perambulator
> F. none of the above

Stroller (baby carriage always has a connontation of a really old fashion 
stroller to me)

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