Americanisms (was RE: Sorcery and Cecilia and Desert Island books)

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at
Mon Jan 17 13:04:12 EST 2005

Minnow wrote:

>The fiendish Gili remarked:


>John and Barbara are both old enough to walk, aren't they?  I suspect that
>Mary Poppins might have had a "bassinet" for a baby; that's a wicker
>basket, on wheels when it's for out-of-doors, or a very young child's cot
>or crib inside the nursery just sitting on the bed.

Well, they'd be over 70 wouldn't they, given than "Mary Poppins" was
published in 1934. But, at least in the first book in the series, they can't
yet walk, and are definitely pushed around in a perambulator. In my copy of
"Marry Poppins" - and "Armada Lions" paperback - the perambulator is
mentioned several times in the chapter "Bad Tuesday". Then there's baby
Annabelle, whom I didn't even remember, and it seems there's room enough in
the perambulator for all three of them: darnit, just lost my place in the
book and I can't find the quote again. But anyway, perambulator is the sort
of word I wouldn't even know if it weren't in a book, and for me it's very
strongly associated with Mary Poppins.

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