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I use "got" and "gotten" in the sense of "acquired" quite often.  It's 
perfectly natural to me to use it that way.  I'm American (Southern), 
for reference.  I would read passages such as the ones you quote quite 
Ok well that might explain why I was confused on why using got/gotten that 
way was a problem. I mean I like to think I have pretty decent grammar or 
whatever (or at least I can recognize when the word choice is pretty bad most of the 
time). Southerners, esp. New Orleanians, say lots of weird little things 
"outsiders" don't understand. I had no idea until a year ago people outside New 
Orleans or the general area didnt say they wanted their sandwich "dressed" when 
they wanted lettuce, tomato, mayo,and sometimes other condiments on it. Also 
didn't know Mardi Gras wasn't a national holiday for the first few years of my 
life either. I wasn't a very well-informed little kid I guess.

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