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Ania explained

< Then s/he gets to choose a book (Shakespeare
and the Bible* are already provided- I suppose
they were worried everyone would ask for one of
these otherwise)

*I believe it's the sacred book of  choice -- and
I wonder if it should also be the national epic
of one's choice.......

Actually this idea really freaks me out,  one
book for an indefinite amount of time. With my
reading habit I would have sucked it dry within
weeks......... I think I would rather have no
book at all than try not to become bored to death
with the single one that I had.  Gaaaaah! one
book! Even eight books doesn't seem like enough.
The only way I could do this was to imagine it
was for a finite period, say one year.

My list:

Lois Macmasters Bujold Memory, because it is a
book that I can read over and over. It is a
climactic point in the Vorkosigan story arc and
as such evokes the whole series. Actually, irrc,
there is a Mirror dance/Memory/ omnibus which
would be even better.

Lord of the Rings, because it is very long, I
haven't read it in an age and I could remember
the film as I read. Oh and if time really hung
heavy on my hands I could try to learn elvish.

Charles Dickens, Bleak House. I would want one
book by Dickens and this is the first I read that
I really appreciated. It has a lot of the classic
riffs on love, law and money.

Nikolai Tolstoy, War and Peace. Another long
dense book. When I finally got round to reading
this I was amazed to find it was a real page
turner. Howver I must confess that I skipped some
of the longer digressions on history and I
couldn't see this changing, I would definitely
rather learn Elvish.

Neal Stephenson The Baroque Cycle, if I could
have all three books in one colossal, unwieldy
volume.  This could bear rereading for sure.

The Laxdaela Saga and The Iliad. Two favourites
from World literature, to ensure variety.

Diana Wynne Jones, The Merlin Conspiracy. The
most recent, one of the best, the least reread to


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