Titanic was Re: Best Books of 2004

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Sat Jan 15 13:16:24 EST 2005

Paul said...

> ...now I'm trying to remember whether it was this film or Luhrmann's
> 'Romeo + Juliet' of which it was reported after the premiere that a
> certain Hollywood starlet left the cinema sobbing and telling all and
> sundry that she'd never have watched it if she'd known the ending
> would be so sad...

Heh.  Yeah, "Titanic" was the film that I refused to go and see because
"what's the point?  I know how it ends.  The ship sinks."

I actually did see it a couple of years ago when it was on TV at Xmas and
everyone else in the house wanted to watch it (despite all of them having
seen it in the cinema).  And, rather to my disgust, was in floods of tears
at the end, despite thinking it a pretty crap story.



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