Titanic was Re: Best Books of 2004

Paul Andinach pandinac at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Sat Jan 15 05:24:45 EST 2005

On Fri, 14 Jan 2005, Otter Perry wrote:

> On Tuesday, January 11, 2005, at 01:37 PM, Anna Z Skarzynska wrote:
> > Melissa: Well, at least I've still never seen "Titanic."
> > Neither have I. I don't think we missed much.
> The main plot -- and I use the term loosely -- is just boring and
> trite and some of it exceedingly unlikely.

Well, the main plot isn't really the point, even if it is supposedly
what had so many people going back to watch it over and over again; it
was just the framework on which to hang the multi-million-dollar
reconstruction of the doomed Titanic. ("The carpets were made by the
very same company, you know.")

That said, of course, it surely wouldn't have hurt them to spend a bit
more on the plot as well.  :)

...now I'm trying to remember whether it was this film or Luhrmann's
'Romeo + Juliet' of which it was reported after the premiere that a
certain Hollywood starlet left the cinema sobbing and telling all and
sundry that she'd never have watched it if she'd known the ending
would be so sad...

"Hold fast to the one noble thing."

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