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Fri Jan 14 17:28:24 EST 2005


The trouble with this idea is that the eight books I fancy bringing to that
desert island today, I may well not want at all *on* the island tomorrow or
next week or next month or next year.

Still.  One has to try.  Tonight, these are the books I choose.  (Let's do
this again next year...see how choices change and all?)

Fire and Hemlock.  There has to be a DWJ, both because of what list we're on
and because dammit, she's one of my top favourite authors.  This one, I
choose because I love it very very dearly, and because every time I turn
around, there are more things and new things and different things in it to
think about

Night Watch (Terry Pratchett).  There also has to be a Pratchett on my list.
I'm going with this one because...well, it was going to be one of his more
recent ones; I really think he's matured as a writer in the last 5 years or
so.  And there's a lot to think about in this one, but it's also readable on
the pure fun level.  And the fun in it is so *much* fun.

Sorcerer's Ward (Barbara Hambly).  Another author who just has to be on the
list.  I dithered a lot between this one and "Bride of the Rat God" - and I
might pick BotRG tomorrow.  But tonight, SW gets it for the wonderful
non-fantasy-standard setting and my deep love for Kyra.  And the romance,
which tonight I like more than the BotRG romance.

The Blue Castle (L. M. Montgomery).  Just one of the *nicest* books ever.

The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.  'Nuff said.

The Sandman (Neil Gaiman).  I'm cheating here; I'm insisting that I get the
entire lot of the graphic novels that make up the story of the Sandman.
Because they may have been written and published separately, but they make
one huge amazing wonderful story all together.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica.  As I go to the OED for definitions, so I go
to EB for basic info.  I need my reference works, dammit!

The Chronicles of Narnia (C. S. Lewis).  Because no matter what anyone says,
or even what I say or think, at base there's a sodding good *story* going

I will keep the complete works of Shakespeare and the Bible.  Lots of good
stories in there.

If I have to have a lone bit of music, it'll be Brahms' Cello Sonatas, which
I adore.

And my luxury is an infinite supply of paper and pens.  I was going to say a
solar-powered laptop with satellite uplink, so I could write stories and
send them off, but it'd probably be disqualified because I could also use it
to hasten rescue.  And anyway, I do better writing longhand, at least for
first drafts.


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