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Thu Jan 13 07:19:16 EST 2005

I'm not familiar with what's available in US libraries, but have the 
following recommendations for Jacob (after a year of needing light rreading!):

Dorothy Koomson - a UK author, her first book _The Cupid Effect_ is a funny 
romance. And the lead is in love with Angel which shows her good taste.

Sparkle Hayter writes comedy mysteries plus a recent one is a werewolf romance

Monica McInverney is an Aussie chicklit writer, I know her books are 
published in the UK and Ireland but am not sure about the US - they're all 
quite light and fun except the most recent, _The Alphabet Sisters_ which is 
a lot more serious.

I've also been reading Marian Keyes, an author I had avoided previously but 
quite enjoyed during the last year. Some are about serious topics but they 
are all funny and have happy endings.

And of course Jennifer Crusie, but I think you know about her!

Good luck!


At 10:36 AM 12/01/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>I need some help finding books for Jacob to read when he comes home from
>work.  He's working really late hours and comes home all zombified and
>unable to deal with anything complicated.  So what he wants are light,
>fluffy romance novels with good characterization.  Hence the need for
>Georgette Heyer--but he's read all of ours, I have more than the library
>does, and I can't spend any money on books or anything else this month.
>(Also, he reads fast enough that I cannot wait for a shipment of anything.)
>So the library it must be.
>For specifics:
>1. I need books that I could reasonably find at a U.S. public library.
>2. Something more substantial than Harlequin et al.
>3. Something non-serious...not actually ha-ha laugh out loud, but not dark
>and dramatic.
>4. Good, realistic, human characters.
>I got him started on Julie Garwood's _The Wedding_ last night...what a
>blessing that I actually bought it!  He loves it--kept me awake with his
>laughter.  I know I can find a lot of her stuff, but if anyone is a fan and
>can direct me to more of her books like that one (I know she writes
>different types of romance) that would save me some time.  He loves Meg
>Cabot's adult novels, also the Bridget Jones books (I will be getting
>_Olivia Joules_ too).  I know he would like Marion Chesney, but our library
>has gotten rid of almost everything of hers they own, so when I have book
>money again I will probably start collecting those.
>Alternatively, if you can think of any good humorous fiction--again, the key
>words are Light and Fluffy--that isn't Terry Pratchett (because yes, I do
>own all the Discworld books), that would satisfy him as well.
>This is an urgent plea for help.  He is driving me crazy.  Plus, he really
>needs the mental break.  If I had a big stack of suitable books on hand, it
>would be...there are no words in the English language to express the kind of
>relief I would feel.
>Melissa Proffitt
>(who will have to pay substantial fines just to check things out, stupid
>kids losing stupid books--or stupid mom letting stupid kids check stupid
>books out on her stupid card)
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