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Ika blake at
Thu Jan 13 06:58:51 EST 2005

Melissa wrote:

>> > what he wants are light,
>> > fluffy romance novels with good characterization.


>> > For specifics:
>> > 1. I need books that I could reasonably find at a U.S. public library.
>> > 2. Something more substantial than Harlequin et al.
>> > 3. Something non-serious...not actually ha-ha laugh out loud, but not
> dark
>> > and dramatic.
>> > 4. Good, realistic, human characters.

I think Jacob and I might have similar tastes in romance, as I love
Bridget Jones and Cabot (at least the adult ones) as well... Anyway, these
are my recommendations.

These might both be a little darker than he'd like, though not, you know,
'dark' in the sense of Prisoner of Azkaban or anything, but my favourite
romance series are Katherine Applegate's *Making Out*  (hooray! Nina and
Ben OTP OMG!!!11!!) and Cecily von Z... something's... *Gossip Girl*. Both
have fairly serious content sometimes (sexual abuse, overindulgence in
drugs, etc) but the resolutions are nice and upbeat and there isn't any
*wallowing*. So I think they might be a good balance between 'substantial'
and 'dark and dramatic', and the characterization in both is pretty good
(CvonZ is a bit more stereotypical and soap-opera-y, but I thought it was
in a fun, Twin-Peaks-y way, not an annoying one). They're both usually on
the shelves in my local UK library, so I would have thought likely to be
available in the US (the MO books even made it to a second edition, which
is pretty good going for a one-every-two-month series of 28 books).

Meg Cabot has also written a new novel for teens, which is pink, but I
forget what it's called, though.

Also, he should read *Feeling Sorry for Celia* and *The Year of Secret
Assigments* by Jaclyn Moriarty, as should everyone else in the world.

Does he like Victorian stuff? (I haven't read any Georgette Heyer, but
she's historical fiction,yes?) Because Sarah Walters' *Tipping the Velvet*
(which is a UK book but was a huge bestseller so should be reasonably
likely to be in a US library), set in Victorian times, is a splendid,
fluffy-ish but not insubstantial, historical romance - the sort of thing
that people call a 'romp'.

Love, Ika

PS: If anyone can point me to any Making Out fanfiction they will have my
*undying gratitude*. (Though I should probably at least check

"The White Cobra will take great pleasure in the black velvet mole."
- *Avon: A Terrible Aspect*.

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