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Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Wed Jan 12 16:48:50 EST 2005

Melissa pleaded...

> For specifics:
> 1. I need books that I could reasonably find at a U.S. public library.
> 2. Something more substantial than Harlequin et al.
> 3. Something non-serious...not actually ha-ha laugh out loud, but not dark
> and dramatic.
> 4. Good, realistic, human characters.

You could try Patricia Scanlan.  She's an Irish writer of chicklit - and
almost the only chicklit-writer I'll read.  Her books are light in tone
(though usually large-ish tomes), reasonably well-written (the latest ones
are better than the earlier), set in and around Dublin, and populated by
very real, human characters.  The heroines are sympathetic (though never
perfect) and even the Really Awful characters (which she does very well) are
understandable.  And a swift check of leads me to believe that
she is actually published in the US as well, so you probably have a decent
chance of finding at least some in your local library.


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