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> jack at wrote: >I'm looking for Librarians as characters in 
> fiction. Who do you know who is? > > 

Have you tried looking up "Librarians -- Fiction" or "Librarians in 
literature"? :-)

One very unpleasant librarian (based on an all too real woman) is in _Who is 
Victoria?_ by Betty K. Erwin. Oh, and Eleanor Cameron's first book (for 
adults), _The Unheard Music_, was about a librarian in a small town (as I recall she 
was beautiful, brilliant, and underpaid -- one of the library board members, 
some rich old broad, said to the library staff something like, "But you are 
high priestesses in the temple of learning, and surely that must count for 
something, does it not?" 

Helen Schinske
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