Off-topic request for opinion from all you literary types

Roger Burton West roger at
Wed Jan 12 12:54:40 EST 2005

On Wed, Jan 12, 2005 at 04:26:17PM +0000, minnow at wrote:
>Otter wrote:
>>I hope he was kidding about the potassium.  That's more excitement than
>>you want.
>He may have been -- *I* wasn't!

I was quite careful not to specify how _much_ potassium. (Think of it as
evolution in action?)

>>To get the water effect, you only need a frying pan.  Let it heat up on
>>a burner.  To find out if it's hot enough, just flick a few drops of water
>>into it.
>Do not do this using the omelette pan: water should never be allowed in an
>omelette pan.

Nor, ideally, in a non-stick pan, because the hotter the pan is the
better the effect will work.


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