reading Great Lit or reading for fun was The Importance of Keeping in Touch. LONG! and largely OT.

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Wed Jan 12 10:57:02 EST 2005

On Wednesday, January 12, 2005, at 04:31 AM, Rowland, Jennifer A B 

> Ania wrote:
>> Something I observed and promptly came to terms with is that I no
>> longer bother reading 'worthy' books, aka Proper Literature.
>> I used to, but quite frankly I cannot be bothered. ...
>> So, on one hand hefty non-fiction, on the other, entirely frivolous
>> stuff. Is this a common phenomenon on this list?
> I don't know about common on the list, but certainly most of my 
> reading at the moment is sf/fantasy, mysteries, comedy, and 
> non-fiction. (I'm currently reading "In the beginning was the worm", 
> about the science and the people involved in mapping and sequencing 
> the /C. elegans/ [*] nematode. Strongly recommended.)
> (I do read Real Lit from time to time, but these days it's mostly a] 
> rereading things I love or b] things that give the same buzz of 
> Difference that SF does, like Homer or Lady Murasaki. I decided that I 
> would give up on trying to be well-read, because anyone who cares if 
> I've read Dostoyevsky would sneer at me for reading Bujold anyway, so 
> I may as well stick to things I actually *enjoy*.)

This thread reminds me of a revelation I had about 1993.  It dawned on 
me that
I was _not_ the Custodian of Western Civilization and, therefore, I 
didn't have
to keep books I didn't enjoy and books I didn't plan to read again or 
books I
probably wasn't going to read ever.  I have gotten rid of a lot of 
books since
then, only one or two of which I have ever pined for.

At the time, I lived in a town with a major university [Michigan] and 
at another university, so I had access to some pretty good libraries.  
I live in SW Colorado, and don't.  But I still get along.  [I _did_ 
just order
a copy of _The Two Noble Kinsmen_, because, back in the days when my
complete Shakespeare was put together, TTNK wasn't part of the canon
and I've never read it.  My sister still lives in SE Michigan and _saw_ 
at Stratford, Ontario.  Well, she's ahead of me on that one ....]

Anyway, you don't have to read it -- whatever it is -- if you don't 
want to,
unless it's [a] required for a course you're taking or [b] necessary to
what you do for a living.  On another paw, exercising your reading
muscles can be a good thing.  So there you are -- a totally wishy-
washy response ...  :-)


If at first the idea is not absurd, then there
is no hope for it.

                                          - A. Einstein

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