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jack at wrote: >I'm looking for Librarians as characters in fiction. Who do you know who is? > > 

I'm just catching up on the list from being unsubbed over the holiday (and for forgetting that you need to send the confirm sub command, d'oh!) so apols if this has already been done to death.

Anyway, the image of the profession being a hot topic amongst most Librarians in the UK at least (there's a Media Watching column at the back of Library & Information Update, the journal of CILIP), so I don't know if you've already searched via Library sites, but there's quite a bit of stuff out there, so here's just a taste
There's a lovely Library Career Romances of 1940s & 50s romance novels
Theres's a long list at which is linked from a site including more titles
Allen Kurzweil's book which I remember as being titled 'Slips of love' but might be wrong on that, which actually I thought a terribly retrograde image of Librarianship and I was almost too annoyed to finish. It felt as if the author had never stepped foot in a library and was drawing on every negative stereotype possible. Grrr
You may also like to trace Grant Burns 'Librarians in Fiction: A Critical Bibliography'  McFarland & Company, 1998. ISBN: 078640499X
ObDWJ: It's impossible to tell if the Librarian (who breaks the data protection act anyway!) in Year of the Griffin is male or female. Odd. 

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