The Importance of Keeping in Touch. LONG! and largely OT.

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Wed Jan 12 06:31:05 EST 2005

Ania wrote:
> Something I observed and promptly came to terms with is that I no 
> longer bother reading 'worthy' books, aka Proper Literature. 
> I used to, but quite frankly I cannot be bothered. ...
> So, on one hand hefty non-fiction, on the other, entirely frivolous 
> stuff. Is this a common phenomenon on this list?

I don't know about common on the list, but certainly most of my reading at the moment is sf/fantasy, mysteries, comedy, and non-fiction. (I'm currently reading "In the beginning was the worm", about the science and the people involved in mapping and sequencing the /C. elegans/ [*] nematode. Strongly recommended.) 
(I do read Real Lit from time to time, but these days it's mostly a] rereading things I love or b] things that give the same buzz of Difference that SF does, like Homer or Lady Murasaki. I decided that I would give up on trying to be well-read, because anyone who cares if I've read Dostoyevsky would sneer at me for reading Bujold anyway, so I may as well stick to things I actually *enjoy*.) 

Probably at some point I'll venture out again into the vast uncharted seas beyond the genre channel, (aiming for an island where the inhabitants have heard of plot and character,) and there are some good pilots on this list, which is nice. The problem with sticking to things I already know I enjoy is that I must be missing some good stuff; but there's such a lot of dreariness to swim through on the way. Someone prepared to give recommendations is worth their weight in hardbacks. (Cf the situation with fanfic, I suppose).

[*] I can spell /Caenorhabditis elegans/, but I need a good run at it.

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