Mark Allums mallums at
Tue Jan 11 23:54:10 EST 2005

Roger Burton West wrote:
> It's a web-based email service run by Google, which famously offers a
> gigabyte of storage. They claim it's free, but put advertisements round
> the side of your mail while you're reading it; they use the content of
> the mail to decide which advertisements to show you, and for
> unspecified other purposes. I am having nothing to do with it, and nor
> am I sending personal correspondence to addresses.

A little paranoid, perhaps?  The advertising comes from software looking 
for keywords;  no human sees any mail except the sender and recipient. 
There are no "unspecified other purposes".

I agree with you that you probably shouldn't send highly private 
correspondence to a gmail adress---you shouldn't send highly private 
correspodence by email at all, as anyone can read it at the various 
choke points along the route, such as someone at your ISP who happens to 
have voyeuristic tendencies.  (If you must, there is the encryption option.)

--Mark A.

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