chicklit (was various)

margaret at margaret at
Tue Jan 11 21:11:58 EST 2005

Allison wrote:

  I am convinced there must be a dimension full of little
old ladies with change purses that never contain the correct amount 
of change.  And they watch for people heading towards the checkouts
who look especially fed up and then contrive to arrive just before


What about the woman with 500 coupons who doesn't mention them until all
her groceries are rung up, and then the checker wants to compare each
coupon with the label of the thing she actually bought? Or does she exist
only in MY dimension?

And I am sure Michael's (the local, lousy crafts supply store) has a woman
on retainer whose job it is to get in line just before me with a couple of
large objects she bought at some other Michael's on two different occasions
and she doesn't have the receipts any more but she wants to exchange them
for some other large objects.

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