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Tue Jan 11 16:49:42 EST 2005

Dorian wrote:

>Allison said...
>> We also lost one another numerous times, so I'm
>> convinced that we were mostly shopping in different dimensions of
>> the Over Store.  Or perhaps the fabric between parallel worlds is
>> just exceptionally thin in stores like this, so you can easily wander
>> to the next one over.
>There's a department store in Dublin that's a bit like this.  You walk in
>from Henry Street and you can walk in a straight line and come out onto
>Liffey Street (which runs at right angles to Henry Street).  It's possible
>to find yourself in the basement without actually going down any stairs.
>And as for finding any given can follow the signs for
>kitchenware (which is in the basement) and find yourself wandering forlornly
>amongst the ladies fashions on the first floor (that's second floor to you
>Amis!) without any idea of how you got there.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised
>to enter this shop and find myself walking out of it into Berlin or London
>or New York.  Nor would it astonish me to find myself exiting into 1905.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if you came out in Bristol via Gardiner's in
Broad Plain.  That has unexpected stairs and several levels that shouldn't

If you do, you must come to tea!  It would have to be tea if you'd escaped
from Gardiner's: last time I was in there it was Very Genteel (apart from
the trade counter in the basement (or first floor, depending where you
started) and nothing less than cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off
would do for one of *their* clientele.  :-)

With doilies.


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