The Importance of Keeping in Touch. LONG! and largely OT.

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Tue Jan 11 16:49:40 EST 2005

Ania wrote (among a lot of other things):

> last sampled some Patricia Wrede in the form of
>Sorcery and Cecelia (great- will look for more. Only slightly annoyed
>by the repeated use of 'gotten' instead of 'got' in a novel supposedly
>set in England, however alternative).

DWJ tackled her about that once, and she said that she had been told that
it was a legitimate usage in England at that time, and remained as a relic
in America after the British usage had altered.  I can believe this: there
are lots of other examples.  In British English we still have "ill-gotten
gains", and "gotten" is in the 1933 S.O.D. and the 1925 Chambers, whilst
the 1926 Fowler says it is "archaic" but doesn't condemn it.

>Something I observed and promptly came to terms with is that I no
>longer bother reading 'worthy' books, aka Proper Literature. I used to,
>but quite frankly I cannot be bothered. I am a proper 'kidult' these

Congratulations!  way to go!  And when you decide to go back to things that
aren't froth, you could always work yourself back in via biographies: there
are some stonking good biographies around, and they aren't too terribly
Worthy if you choose interesting people to be the subjects.


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