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The Knowledge Pika wrote:

>*sigh* I'm re-reading some MZB and really having a hard time with the
>women of the 1960's view of the men of the 1960's. I'm beginning to
>believe that the 1960s was just low point in the history of manhood.  :)

I think MZB had a particularly jaundiced view of both men and women.  When
I first read her Darkover books (more or less as they were appearing in
this country) I was disgusted by her view that the competent women who were
part of the crew of the ship that crashed -- co-equal with the male
crewmembers -- would within two generations have managed to become the
frankly hopeless slaves she then portrayed.  The idea that mothers would
not be able to give support to their daughters, and prevent the enslavement
of their entire sex, particularly given that these were meant to be
first-class women with brains and ability in every field, seemed to me to
be possibly the most contra-feminist guff I had encountered among
contemporary writers.

So for "women of the 1960s" read "one woman of the 1960s".  I don't think
she was entirely typical: quite a lot of the women I knew then didn't
regard all men as MCP so-and-soes with no redeeming features at all...
Some of us even quite liked them, and knew it wasn't their faults they had
been born into the inferior sex.  :-)

Minnow (diving into the waterweed at high speed)

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