Off-topic request for opinion from all you literary types

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Tue Jan 11 16:49:33 EST 2005

Ven commented:

><If only for muddling things beyond human
>comprehension, which is what
>generally happens if one starts to explain
>feelings that have already been
>better and more simply expressed by someone
>Exactly what I always felt about that whole
>English comprehension business "What does the
>author mean by.........?" What he or she said of

I wouldn't'a done it except that Gili asked about
a particular bit and I assumed for a particular
reason.  I had too many poems ruined for me by
the litcrit teachers at school, for me to want
to do the same to anyone else!

Anyhow it's a cheek.  The author isn't there to
say what s/he means.  They ought to ask (as
Gili did) "how do you read this?" (what do you
see in it/get out of it), and then it's an
honest question, but they almost never did.

And the one teacher who did is the reason I
went on being interested in doing English.


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