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Well, onward with my Being a Better Correspondent resolution (some of these books are already mentioned in my marathon post). 

This is based on Melissa's original post of this title.

Books qualify on the basis of having been read by me in 2004, not the publication date.

**Best Book of 2004: Probably 'Abhorsen' 
Also 'Infernal Devices' by Philip Reeve (sequel to Mortal Engines)

**Best First Book:  (not sure if this is his first, but...) The Eyre Affair by Jasper fforde (see also Best Series category)

**Best Romance:  Wrede and Stevermer: 'Sorcery and Cecelia'

**Best Recommendation: 'The Thief' by Megan Whalen Turner (as recommended by this list long ago)

**Best New Series: Tanya Huff's Vicki Nelson detective series, all with Blood in the title (Blood Lines, Blood Price etc.). Or maybe Jasper fforde's Thursday Next series.
My main gripe about Vicki Nelson (the character) is that she tortures herself about not being a cop any more. Being an old hippy and one who was brought up in a police state, I have a healthy disrespect for the law enforcement agencies and I do not like or trust the police. It therefore is difficult for me to identify/sympathize with her; being able to do so is an important part of enjoying a book In Vicki's case, there are things about her that remind me of me (tall, opinionated, flexible morals and a commitment phobia), but she was (had been) in the police AND liked it! Just a little too alien for me. But I like the rest.

Mind you, Thursday Next was a soldier and then a policewoman, yet it didn't bother me. Perhaps it was because it was more essential for her to be in the system for the plot to work.

**Best "Classic" novel:  Don't read those much these days. But my all time favourite must be Jane Eyre.

**Serendipity Award:  nothing I can think of right now

**Guilty Pleasure:  anything by Laurell K Hamilton- the first Anita Blake book is actually called Guilty Pleasures! How very apt. 

**Best Intellectual Novel:  hmmm....

**Screaming for the Sequel:  ditto

**Best Re-Read:  LM Montgomery's 'The Blue Castle'. 

**Biggest Disappointment:  See Worst Book. After all that hype I actually BOUGHT the book! It's going on ebay as soon as I get round to it.

**Most Anticipated Book of 2005:  _Conrad's Fate_ by Diana Wynne Jones (no need to change that!)

**Worst Book of 2004:  Wormwood. Absolutely ghastly.

Melissa: Well, at least I've still never seen "Titanic."
Neither have I. I don't think we missed much.

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