Off-topic request for opinion from all you literary types

Kathleen Jennings kathleen.jennings at
Mon Jan 10 20:55:59 EST 2005

Elise wrote:
> Can someone explain this part:
> "...the child is watching the teakettle's small hard tears
> dance like mad on the hot black stove...."
> What are the small hard tears on the stove?

It sounds to me as though water has splashed out of the kettle onto
the stove top. We had a wood stove when I was growing up, and water
splashed on to the hot iron would separate into little spheres and
bounce around the stovetop before evaporating. (We would stack the
pans and trays to dry on the plate rack over the stove, and if the
little bit of water still in was tipped out, the results were
spectacular. Great fun!).

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