Sophie's Choice (was Book Meme)

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Mon Jan 10 17:21:06 EST 2005

> was the first time I'd ever really taken it personally, so to speak. I
> just vividly remember the bit where he's talking about how he used to go
> to *dances* when he was a *teenager*, and he describes the *teenage girls*
> who used to dance with him and then *cruelly* not allow him to have sex
> with them as "loathsome little vampires". Which I found a bit much, given
> that I was a teenage girl who didn't *want* to feel obligated to have sex
> with every boy I'd ever danced with/said hello to/been female near.

*sigh* This weekend I was talking to my engineer boyfriend about the 
loathsomeness of Philip Roth and Portnoy's Complaint, and had to explain 
to him the shockingness (to me) of the character not seeing anything 
loathsomely wrong with rape, and in fact Roth and the people who made 
you not really seeming to see *how* nasty it is-- they treated it like a 
mugging. In fact, of less significance than a mugging, more like a 
teenager shoplifting. Gak.

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