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Ika blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Mon Jan 10 07:57:11 EST 2005

Minnow wrote:

> This is an incredibly late contribution to the thread:

and thus prompted me to post something I'd been revolving in my head about
it for a while (thanks, Minnow!)

> Margaret Ball wrote:
>>> (Not that I'm arguing that it's extraordinarily open-hearted to
>>> believe that non-Christians can be saved--I'm a non-Christian
>>> myself--but it's one reason why I find Lewis so fascinating.)
>>Much more openhearted than Methodist Sunday School in the late
>>fifties/early sixties, where I had my final breach with the Church
>>through a Sunday School teacher who was adamant that Socrates and Plato
>>were going to hell for the crime of having died before "Jesus came to
>>save us."

See, this whole thing is one of the reasons Christianity stopped making
sense to me. I fell in with a pentacostal/born-again crowd when I was a
teen, who were completely adamant that "no-one comes to the Father save
through [Jesus]", and their argument (why would a loving God torture his
only son to death *if there was another way to be saved*?) was pretty
convincing to me. So you either have a loving God who got his son
crucified for no particular reason, or a loving God who is putting all the
virtuous pagans in Hell... and eventually I just gave up trying to make
sense of it and settled for being a virtuous pagan.

Um, not that I mean it shouldn't make sense to C S Lewis or to anyone
else. I gave up trying to make sense of Chemistry when my GCSE teacher
cheerfully admitted that everything they were teaching us was a lie, and
we would find out the true reason in sixth-form, and I don't think people
shouldn't be chemists (also, I still take drugs - in fact I am hopped up
on Nurofen and caffeine as we speak).

Love, Ika

"The White Cobra will take great pleasure in the black velvet mole."
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