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Mon Jan 10 06:24:24 EST 2005

Deborah wrote:

>Eek.  i was going to say I wanted DWJ action figures until  I realised
>that there probably are movie versions and then I realised I don't
>actually want them.  Though the photos of the plushie Calcifers look
>really cute.

They are very fine, but I don't think they are action figures, though one
can move their mouths to give them different expressions.  Not exactly
plushie, they're hairy.

The models of the characters in the movie (about an inch and a half tall
for Howl and the Scarecrow and smaller for the others) are made of some
solid metal or other, and they are shiny and *heavy* and very satisfactory,
particularly the one that is Michael wearing a false beard to open the door
in: he looks like a Mad Dwarf, or possibly like Blade trying to look like a
tour-guiding wizard.

The Castle models (called "dioramas" on the boxes, but they aren't, they
are not three dimensional objects within a background) have wooden bases
not plastic, and the spindle they revolve round is solid brass as far as I
can tell.  They're not at all tacky, they're beautifully made, and what I
am going to do with the one I have I have *no* idea, because there is
nowhere in this house to put an intricate and detailed model of a fictional
flying castle, and I would have to dust it every couple of hours to keep it
looking as good as it does fresh out of the box.

Minnow (rather impressed by Japanese merchandising)

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