Characters who are Librarians

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at
Mon Jan 10 04:42:21 EST 2005

>So what? Borges was a librarian, and *he* was blind.

But he did not live in the 12th century, nor did he use a system where 
people have to tell you which books they want and then you go find them from 
an insane labyrinth.

Though coming to think of it, Jorge in the book did run around in the 
labyrinth quite readily, so maybe you're right.

>The actual librarian in 'The Name of the Rose' is Malachi of
>Hildesheim. (And I actually looked in the book this time.)

That'll teach me to trust my instincts. I tried to come up with a name, and 
went "Malachi!" only to go, "It can't have been Malachi, it must have been 
something Italian." Which was quite stupid of me, since most of the 
characters in the book aren't Italian at all. (Not, for example, any of the 
*main* characters.)


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