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> |I'm looking for Librarians as characters in
> fiction. Who do you know who is?
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> I've been wanting to build a librarian action figure
> collection.  So far
> I've only got Nancy Pearl and Rupert Giles.  I'm
> looking for Batgirl and
> Oracle (is both cheating?) and Lucien the librarian.
>  I don't think that
> most of the other literary or comic librarians have
> action figure.  Even
> the chick from the Mummy doesn't seem to.
> Eek.  i was going to say I wanted DWJ action figures
> until  I realised
> that there probably are movie versions and then I
> realised I don't
> actually want them.  Though the photos of the
> plushie Calcifers look
> really cute.

While not action figures as such the Warhammer 40K
range of wargaming figures includes a number of realy
cool librarians. Try Googling for warhammer and
librarian and you will find things like this;

"What Is a Librarian?
Space Marine Librarians are not the shushing,
check-out-card-stamping civil servants that run your
local library. They are psykers who survive a
Chapter's rigorous screening and training to bend the
Warp for the benefit of their Battle Brothers.
Librarians also record the great deeds of their
Chapter." from

"“Knowledge is power. And power corrupts.”
Witch Hunter Maxim" from

or "How is it possible for people to overlook the
advantages of using th librarian!?!." from

An image search produces lots of pics


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