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Katie Meyers kgmeyers at
Sat Jan 8 23:24:38 EST 2005

I am at the moment surrounded by books.  I think the nearest is The 
Oracle Betrayed aka The Oracle:
I'll add the sentence that comes after:
"Maybe I've underestimated you, pen pusher."

By the way, I just finished reading this, and I loved it!  I want to 
read the sequel so much, but it isn't published here yet!

I've been going through everyone's Best of the Year lists and reading 
what I haven't read that sounds interesting.  It took some doing to 
persuade my parents to drive me to the library the weekend before 
midterms.  I got 25 books out, because who knows when I will get back 
there.  I really enjoyed The Goose Girl.  I'm in the middle of Paladin 
of Souls, Going Postal, and The Cup of the World.  And I am now a new 
fanatic Lois McMaster Bujold reader.  Just two Vorkosigan books 
(Brothers in Arms and Civil Campaign-- a little out of series order, I 
know) left!    So, thank you everyone for the recommendations!  They 
are much appreciated.

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