The Cold From Hell

Margaret Ball margaret at
Fri Jan 7 21:23:39 EST 2005

> I'm [unfortunately] used to consecutive colds that result in a hacking
> cough that lasts for a couple of months.

Yup. I used to do those regularly every winter. That was one reason I 
didn't take a two-year teaching job in Yorkshire - figured anybody who 
could come so close to pneumonia in Central Texas had no business trying 
to live in Yorkshire no matter how beautiful the surroundings were.

> But I don't know what's going
> on with this one.  It's got my ears stopped up and I've lost most of
> my senses of smell and taste.

So, a good time to eat your broccoli?

People have been known to consult doctors at this point, you know. With 
any luck it'll turn out to be a sinus infection, which they can actually 
Do Something about.

Margaret Ball

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