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> Nah, I think for *once* Hallie will resist giving her opinion of any
> Robin McKinley.  Consider it my New Year's present to everyone!


Whereas I will state that the reason I named those particular three books
of Robin McKinley's (Beauty, The Hero and the Crown, and The Blue Sword)
is that those are the ones I love, and I don't particularly like the other
ones at all very much. Deerskin is brilliant but far too uncomfortable for
me to read. I actually do have Spindle's End and will read it every so
often, but I only have it because it was 50 cents on the library rack. And
I've only read Rose Daughter once, long ago (um, probably when it first
came out), and I found it vague and under-explained, both different enough
from Beauty that it was unfamiliar and odd, and not different enough that
I could see why I was reading it instead of Beauty.

We met Dr. Hall in such deep mourning that either his
mother, his wife, or himself must be dead.
       --Jane Austen
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