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Fri Jan 7 18:54:19 EST 2005


>  > If you liked Beauty, you should definitely read Spindle's End and Rose
>>  Daughter, which are respectively retellings of Sleeping Beauty and
>>  Beauty and The Beast.  I liked them better than Beauty, probably partly
>>  because they seemed intended for an older audience.
>Um.  I've not read "Spindle's End" (yet), but I would enter a caveat over
>"Rose Daughter".  I personally like this book, and I like it as well as I
>like "Beauty", RMcK's earlier Beauty and the Beast tale.  In fact, I own a
>copy of "Rose Daughter" because Hallie (who will no doubt soon pop up to
>give her opinion, so I won't pre-empt her too much) gave me hers because she
>didn't like it.

Nah, I think for *once* Hallie will resist giving her opinion of any 
Robin McKinley.  Consider it my New Year's present to everyone!

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