Best Books of 2004

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Sat Jan 1 10:18:05 EST 2005

Melissa (who is hopefully still in the land of the living after her party):

**Best First Book:  _The Goose Girl_ by Shannon Hale

[snip the description of why it received best first book]

Interesting - I've seen this in the bookshops quite often, but 
somehow never had the time to investigate it thoroughly enough to 
decide whether to get it.  You've saved me the bother now.  Er, 
bother of deciding, not bother of getting it!

>**Best Recommendation (tie): _The Oracle Betrayed_ by Catherine Fisher and
>_The Gate of Ivory_ by Doris Egan
>_The Oracle_ was finally published here as _The Oracle Betrayed_, and after
>all that talk about it, I snatched it up when I saw it in the store.  (Ditto
>_Mortal Engines_, but that's another tale.)  Hallie, have I mentioned that
>you're probably the person I depend most heavily on for books that I know I
>will love?  I loved the world, I loved the story, and I went and ordered
>_The Archon_ from rather than wait any longer.

No, you've never mentioned it before, and I'm feeling extraordinarily 
complimented!  Almost complimented and paralyzed in equal measure. ;) 
(Will I *ever* dare recommend a book again, for fear of blowing it?)

>**Screaming for the Sequel:  _The Archon_ by Catherine Fisher
>AAAAAAAAAH!!!  I just know there has to be more to this.  I won't be able to
>bear it otherwise.  It's not like it's a bad ending; it's a great ending, a
>wonderful ending, but how can the series end if half the people we care
>about are on the other side of the desert?  Please, please, let there be

I know the feeling!  I'm almost certain she will get to it sometime 
or another, but it was disconcerting to see that her upcoming book 
(_Darkhenge_, coming in March) is not in this series.  Sigh.

>Other books I'm looking forward to reading:  Jim Butcher's hardcover fantasy
>debut, _Furies of Calderon_; _Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane_ by Suzanne
>Collins; _Enna Burning_ (I've had this for two months and just haven't
>gotten to it); _Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince_ (yes, I love Harry
>Potter, and someday I'll explain why); Jack McDevitt's latest book
>_Polaris_; and a new recommendation called _City of Pearl_ by Karen Traviss.
>As always, looking out for something new by Connie Willis.  Whatever Terry
>Pratchett writes next.  And I'm hoping Martha Wells gets the next Ile-Rien
>book out soon.

November 2005 for _The Gate of Gods_, according to Martha Wells' LJ blog.

>And finally...
>**Worst Book of 2004:  _The Da Vinci Code_ by Dan Brown

Heh.  I was saved from this quite a while ago by a friend from 
BookCrossing, who also detested it.  The more I hear, the happier I 
get about taking her word for it!  My mother was given a copy by a 
friend of hers visiting from the US, and I couldn't quite resist a 
tactful questioning about the book's 'merits'.  She said she was 
fascinated in the history of the (Christian) church's views on women 
because she'd studied religion in university, and I asked her if that 
part was accurate.  There was a pause and then she said 'it's fiction 
- it doesn't need to be accurate'.  At which point Becca left the 
room and I dropped the subject.  My mother didn't go near the book, I 
might add.

Hallie (working on my own list)

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