hardcover vs paperback

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Feb 28 15:30:15 EST 2005

Philip suggested

>I think the hardcover vs paperback argument has caused publishers to
>miss the point.

I suppose you mean they haven't given a thought to the idea that if books
are going to go out of print in a matter of weeks, their customers might
quite like to have each copy they bought remain in one piece for as many as
two or three readings, since they won't be able to replace it.

>Who's going to join me in a campaign to ban glue-bound hardbacks?

Is that "perfect" binding, aka "random-number generating device"?  I'm busy
resenting having to pay in excess of thirty quid for "perfect bound"
print-on-demand academic paperback texts that fall apart.  What I wonder is
what justification there ever was for calling this ratty process "perfect"
*anything*, and I don't want any excuses about paper-sizes, I think it was
just a con from day one.

<mutter>  <peeve>  <mutter>

(And the chap whose book it is, when asked, said he hasn't seen a penny for
it during the time they've had it, which is since 1996.  Double bah!)


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