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AZS wrote:
"I just read Sunshine and I am soooo impressed! Absolutely wonderful. And so
very erotic in places, without being tacky. So many questions now! What
actually happened at the end? Either I am a bit dense, or it seems like an
open ending- I couldn't quite figure out which way Sunshine jumped. What do
you think? And who/what is Mel? Some tantalizing hints there!
The book started so normally- it could have been the here and now in some
small town in America- and then things unfolded as it went along, and
suddenly it was a world quite different from ours. (I am trying to avoid
spoilers here!)
I really hope there is a sequel."

I enjoyed it too, and have read it two and a half times since Christmas,
when I got it. (I've had it on order from Bookcaffe for about 16 months,
then I spotted it in the window of Supernova and just had to pick it up.)

I found the (slight) erotica an intrusion - to me it was "tacky" in that it
seemed "tacked on" and not very important to the story.  I enjoyed the book
more second time around, and I can see the possibility of sequels which
might deal with Mel (yes, I do want to know more about him and who he is
now), Con (of course) and Rae's links with him and the Other, also perhaps
shedding some light on SheWhoMustBeObeyed (or whatever they called her). And
Rae's father. Who managed to give her a name to match his (Raven, ..darn,
what was his name? I know it was dark or black, but not Ebony...) 

I liked the ending in that I *thought* it was fairly clear, and there was an
event and a win, and it did leave threads hanging like anything ready for
stories about oak leaves and motor bikes and the other passing and in the
sun. But when AZS (is that Ania?) says "Which way did Sunshine jump" I guess
I'll have to find the book and reread the ending to see what she's referring

Someone else commented that they found the Bakery somewhat false, and I
agree. I do know about workplaces and workmates who all become linked and
close, but I thought the whole bakery biz was just a bit too sweet! And
although they sounded good at first I am not at all sure I'd be lining up
for Cinnamon Rolls as Big as Your Head (too big) or Death by Chocolate (too
rich) or even all those muffins. Then, again, I do pounce on the fresh-fruit
Danish at *my* bakery/coffee shop, whenever I am able (perhaps 4 times a
week), and look a bit sad if there are none left. Good grief, perhaps I
should look around a bit more...I have friends who I have met and known
*only* through Barretts! Maybe closer inspection would reveal blue skin and
who knows what else. Rereading the quote I started with, I think the bakery
story was just *too* small town america contrasted with the darkness

Hmmmm...even on the first reading I found the times when she drops from the
current story into yarns about how it all started (Charlie, Mom, brothers
and the rest) a bit tough going - it was another sort of small town talk
that didn't seem quite genuine. 


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