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Spoilers for Sunshine so mild as to really not be spoilers:

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005, Ven wrote:
|Back to Sunshine. I did enjoy it a lot but I was
|less impressed with the cafe, it was so wish
|fulfillmenty. I think it may be a US thing --
|corresponding to the British ideal of the local
|pub -- but I had trouble buying into the
|home-from-home cafe thing. Not so much the idea
|that it could be a haven from the dark and
|magical nasties beyond, it was clearly a magnet
|for the opposition, but the idea of a cosy place
|where all the misfits get along and there's a
|slot for every square peg (every deserving square
|peg that is). Gah! Bah! and even Humbug!  It woke
|up the grumpy old cynic in me I'm afraid.

Very like Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, or, to a lesser extent, Cowboy
Feng's Space Bar and Grill.  But while that wish-fulfillment
cafe/bar/grill might be not the best of literature, it doesn give me
warm fuzzies in all the right places.  I think my favorite McKinley
gives me warm fuzzies, actually.  The desk full of ink and paper in
Beauty does the same thing, and the friendships in Outlaws of Sherwood.

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