Conrad's in Sheffield

Emma Comerford emmaco at
Fri Feb 25 19:07:36 EST 2005


I just rang my bookstore but Conrad is still not in until April. But, for 
all of you Brisbane fans out there, the Brisbane City Council has some 
copies! I assume they bought the hardback (which I haven't seen in the 
shops). So I've got one on  hold and hopefully will be reading it next 
weekend! And then I'll buy the paperback in time for a second reading :)

A very excited Emma

At 03:25 AM 26/02/2005, Ven wrote:
>Hi Everyone,
>             Look what I found on the shelves of
>Waterstones today! Conrad's Fate. It wasn't due
>til March was it? I've read 125 pages already,
>most while waiting at a freezing bus stop for a
>very late bus. I was a lot less cross than I
>usually would have been about that, didn't even
>remember to ask Hathaway. Not saying anything
>about it yet, though I know quite a few of you
>have read it already you lucky things! Oh, and
>here's some more of these, because I feel like
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