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Ania had some questions about Robin Mckinley's

<And who/what is Mel? Some tantalizing hints =

I read Sunshine recently and evidently didn't
question Mel enough, I was going to reread

Ania then said 

<PLEASE write a sequel, Ms McKinley!>
I found RMs website when I followed Dorian's
picture links -- great boots in the Hants pic --
I haven't finished reading all the interviews yet
(did I mention I have Conrad's Fate?) -- but I
did find the following quote:

"In the meantime, for all of you who are writing
me eagerly asking about the possibility of/
requesting politely/ demanding a sequel to
Sunshine, thank you very much for your expressed
enthusiasm, but the answer is: I haven't the
slightest idea if I'll write a sequel! It's not
up to me! I can't do anything unless or until a
story comes to me and says, 'Write me — write me
now.' (This is all in the FAQ, by the way.) I'd
love to write more about Sunshine — I know quite
a bit about what happens to her — but it's not up
to me. If you want to nag someone, find the
mailing address of the Story Council and nag them
to send me the sequel. (If you discover the
mailing address of the Story Council, however, I
want it. Badly. I have a few things to say to
them about the unreasonableness of their system.
Maybe it worked back in the days of bards and
shamans and authorized lunacy, but it's a rotten
system for present-day, this-world writers trying
to, you know, earn a living, and maybe behave
like human beings instead of like mental cases.)
Given my professional history on the subject of
sequels, I can't say that the odds are very good
(I know a lot about Damar that hasn't seen print
either), but maybe the Story Council has changed
administration recently and is, even as I write
this, making radical and extensive alterations in
their organization and structure. And the sequel
to Sunshine is due to hit the inside of the back
of my skull with a thunk any day now. But don't
count on it." 

Back to Sunshine. I did enjoy it a lot but I was
less impressed with the cafe, it was so wish
fulfillmenty. I think it may be a US thing --
corresponding to the British ideal of the local
pub -- but I had trouble buying into the
home-from-home cafe thing. Not so much the idea
that it could be a haven from the dark and
magical nasties beyond, it was clearly a magnet
for the opposition, but the idea of a cosy place
where all the misfits get along and there's a
slot for every square peg (every deserving square
peg that is). Gah! Bah! and even Humbug!  It woke
up the grumpy old cynic in me I'm afraid.    

Also following photo links, this time after
googling Peter Dickinson, I just have to give you
this quote from a biographical piece:

<He’s led an ordinary kind of life – not much by
way of adventures, but some silly things. Such
as? Well, when he had to join the army, just
after World War II, they managed to turn him into
two people; so he was bashing away at infantry
training at a camp in Northern Ireland when two
sea-sick military policemen showed up and
arrested him for being a deserter from a
different camp in the south of England, where his
other self was supposed to be bashing away.> 

That's so Army!

On to Tania Huff, great comfort reading, Ania

<There is a 'Quarters' series- I believe Sing the

4 Quarters is the 1st =
one, followed by Fifth Quarter. Then there is The

Quartered Sea and No =
Quarter. Where do they fit?>

Mild Spoilers may follow for Quarters

They are linked books set on a particular world.
The magic works by the musical invocation of the
Kigh, flocks of elemental spirits. They are where
Dwj got the inspiration for the spirits in
the....... Oh dammit that's a spoiler ...........
um some spirits in certain of her books.*
Footnoted spoilers follow at bottom of post. It's
an odd sequence of books, 1 and 2 seem quite
separate, 3 eventually makes the link between  1
and 2, and 4 is a sequel to them all. It was a
bit frustrating when I thought she would never
get back to the people and places in 1 but in 4
she does so, very  satisfactorally, ( how do you
spell this?). 

*Spoilers for Year of the Griffin and Merlin

The spirits in the Regalia and the sea spirits
that the Pirate girl whose name I've forgotten
had played with as a child. 


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