hardcover vs paperback

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 25 17:20:55 EST 2005

Devra wrote 
<When I was a children's librarian, the 
conventional wisdom was that 
kids (esp from poorer areas where the family was 
unlikely to own many books) 
saw hardcovers as being associated with school 
assignments, and hence 

Another factor with hardbacks may be the fear of
messing them up. Paperbacks are not only more
portable but it feels as though they can be read
"anywhere", in the kitchen, the bath, up a tree,
on the beach and so on. Especially for someone,
as Devra says, from poorer area, a hardback can
literally be a heavy responsability.Moreover they
may not even have a place that is  safe, clean,
and quiet place to read a hardback.

The above doesn't actually apply to me. Although
I grew up in a house with only a couple of
shelves of books -- I think me and my brother
soon accumulated far more books, mostly
paperbacks than my parents ever had -- we were
great users of the library. A library hardback,
with a plastic cover to protect it from at least
some mess and already shopwing some wear seems a
lot less intimidating in any case. I had a nice
quiet bedroom to do my reading in too but I am,
in fact, someone who can read in any kind of din
(I read Delany's Fall of the Towers during a full
blown teacher's-not-here girl's school
screechfest for ex).


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