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Ros said...

> I seem to be weird in that I love _Beauty_ *and* _Rose Daughter_ (though I 
> must admit that it's been a while since I've read either). Probably 
> _Beauty_ has a greater emotional resonance for me, though, because I read 
> it first, and it made a stronger impression, even though I totally agree 
> that _Rose Daughter_ is a much more complex, mature novel.

Not weird at all; I love them both too.

Like you, I read "Beauty" first, and I look upon it now as perfect 
comfort-reading.  It's so sweet and nice (and a heroine who loves books!). 
"Rose Daughter", as you say, is more complex, and not really very 
comfortable - downright spiky in places!  I also think of it as more 
"gorgeous" than "Beauty"..."Beauty" is like a length of deep rose-pink 
velvet, while "Rose Daughter" is more like that length of velvet all done in 
fantastical embroidery (possibly involving scratchy gold or silver thread). 
I cuddle the velvet against my face, but stand back and admire the 

Each book fulfils a different need for me.


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