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Thu Feb 24 12:54:21 EST 2005

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005, deborah wrote:

> think Spindle's End is thousnands of wonderful paragraphs put together
> to make a downright terrible book;

That's a rather good description, in my opinion. Although I'd probably say
"almost" instead of "downright."

> and think that I can't rationally assess Outlaws if Sherwood because it
> hits so many of my book-loving kinks, and thus I adore it.

See, I read Outlaws of Sherwood when I was 12 or 13 and deeply in my
"obsessed with Robin Hood" phase, and at least the first part of it read
so much like my own Mary-Sue-type fantasies (although not about Little
John, because I always pictured the married good father John in Robin
Hood: Prince of Thieves) that I loved it. But I didn't like the very
bloody bits (so sue me, I prefer less realism in my battles), and the end
very deliberately went against one of the proper fairy-tale-like
assumptions of the Robin Hood story, and so I haven't read it in a while
because the end got me too upset.

Chrestomanci is not a godlike authority, it seems to me,
rather he is more of an irritable, overworked greatuncle.
                --Nat Case

(Nat, are you still here? Is it okay that I'm quoting you?)

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