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> The list is quiet... It's not just my email playing up, is it? 
> Minor spoiler warning!!!
> Very minor!
> I just read Sunshine and I am soooo impressed!

I like it very much my own self.  I was sick for most of January and 
felt the need
to read it twice.

I don't think that going out with Con at night counts as 'jumping'.  I, 
too, would
like to know more about Mel, but I wouldn't count on a sequel.  Books 
seem to work that way for Ms. McKinley.  Back in the dark ages when she
wrote Blue Sword and Hero and Crown, they were supposed to be part of
a trilogy, but the third book didn't gel.

> I have since bought some more Robin McKinleys on ebay. I got The Blue 
> Sword which I'm reading right now- it turned out that I'd read it 
> years ago and forgot- and The Door in the Hedge, and The Hero and the 
> Crown. Am on the lookout for Beauty. Any more recommendations?

The ones of which I am least fond are Beauty, Door in the Hedge, and 
Outlaws of
Sherwood [though it's been a _long_ time since I read that and 
rereading might
change my opinion].

I like Rose Daughter _much_ better than _Beauty_ [they're both Beauty 
the Beast], I like Spindle's End, and I like Deerskin, although it's 
pretty fierce.

> Have she and Peter Dickinson been married/together for long enough?

Nope.  Plus he's about 25 years older than she.

> I got The Bridge of Birds (I heard good things about it),

It's _wonderful_!  [The two sequels are not so wonderful, though 
they're not
bad.  If you like it, try finding some of the Kai Lung books by Ernest 

> as well as Beauty by Sheri Tepper- I remember the list saying that 
> some of her books are a bit preachy, is this one of them?

I generally like Ms. Tepper, but I hated _Beauty_.  On another paw, I 
read it
some years ago, and the other ones I've read in the last year.  
Rereading it
might change my mind, but I'm not willing to do it.  [I don't mind being
preached to on the subject of the inequality of the sexes.  _Six Moon 
is my favorite so far.]


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