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On Wed, 23 Feb 2005, Kyla Tornheim wrote:
|On Wed, 23 Feb 2005, AZS wrote:
|> I have since bought some more Robin McKinleys on ebay. I got The Blue
|> Sword which I'm reading right now- it turned out that I'd read it years
|> ago and forgot- and The Door in the Hedge, and The Hero and the Crown.
|> Am on the lookout for Beauty. Any more recommendations?
|Well, those three (Blue Sword, Hero and the Crown, and Beauty) are my
|must-have/must-rereads. Spindle's End ain't bad, but I only bought it
|because it was 50 cents. Other people here really like Rose Daughter, but
|I'm a Beauty girl. And then there's Deerskin, which is way too intense and
|upsetting for me to reread, but it's well done. It's just...well, it's not
|like the source material isn't upsetting.

I love Beauty, Hero, and the Blue Sword; quite like the short story
collections; am extremely fond of Deerskin in a 'this books gives me the
screaming heebie jeebies' way; utterly *despise* Rose Daughter; think
Spindle's End is thousnands of wonderful paragraphs put together to make
a downright terrible book; and think that I can't rationally assess
Outlaws if Sherwood because it hits so many of my book-loving kinks, and
thus I adore it.

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