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Ania said...

> I have since bought some more Robin McKinleys on ebay. I got The Blue 
> Sword which I'm reading right now- it turned out that I'd read it years 
> ago and forgot- and The Door in the Hedge, and The Hero and the Crown. Am 
> on the lookout for Beauty. Any more recommendations?

I very much like "Deerskin", but not everyone does.  It's quite dark in 
places and has what I call a "best possible ending under the circumstances". 
In my weird colourbooks system it's dark silver and crimson.

> Beauty by Sheri Tepper- I remember the list saying that some of her books 
> are a bit preachy, is this one of them?

I thought so.  It disappointed me a lot; I thought I was getting a 
fairy-tale retelling, but it turned out to be a *lot* of fairy-tales strung 
together, along with settings both fantasy and science-fiction, and a hefty 
dose of feminist preaching.  At least, that's how I saw it.

> Then there is Wizard of the Grove/Child of the Grove/The Last Wizard- how 
> many are there and what are they called?

I've got "Child of the Grove" and "The Last Wizard".  As far as I can tell 
from Amazon, "Wizard of the Grove" is simply these two books in one volume. 
That's also what her listing at seems to imply.  You 
might find that listing clears up most of your questions, in fact:


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