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> I just read Sunshine and I am soooo impressed!
I liked it a lot too - and I also thought she pulled off the more
contemporary feel/language well.
> I have since bought some more Robin McKinleys on ebay. I got The Blue Sword
> which I'm reading right now- it turned out that I'd read it years ago and
> forgot- and The Door in the Hedge, and The Hero and the Crown. Am on the
> lookout for Beauty. Any more recommendations?
I also liked Rose-Daughter, her second go at Beauty and the Beast.
> On a vaguely related subject, I noticed that John Dickinson's The Cup of the
> World has the dedication 'To Robin'- I presume this means Ms McKinley? Is he
> actually her son? Has she and Peter Dickinson been married/together for long
> enough? And, is John D's book any good?
No, John is Peter¹s son, and Robin is his stepmother. I saw him at a recent
session for librarians at the British Library and he said how helpful she
had been in pulling the book together and taking him to her agent. As to
whether the book is good, well yes, but both my daughter and I found it a
little on the cold (her word) side. Perhaps it¹s a little short on humour.

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