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The list is quiet... It's not just my email playing up, is it? 
Minor spoiler warning!!!

Very minor!

I just read Sunshine and I am soooo impressed! Absolutely wonderful. And so very erotic in places, without being tacky. So many questions now! What actually happened at the end? Either I am a bit dense, or it seems like an open ending- I couldn't quite figure out which way Sunshine jumped. What do you think? And who/what is Mel? Some tantalizing hints there!
The book started so normally- it could have been the here and now in some small town in America- and then things unfolded as it went along, and suddenly it was a world quite different from ours. (I am trying to avoid spoilers here!)
I really hope there is a sequel.
I have since bought some more Robin McKinleys on ebay. I got The Blue Sword which I'm reading right now- it turned out that I'd read it years ago and forgot- and The Door in the Hedge, and The Hero and the Crown. Am on the lookout for Beauty. Any more recommendations?

On a vaguely related subject, I noticed that John Dickinson's The Cup of the World has the dedication 'To Robin'- I presume this means Ms McKinley? Is he actually her son? Has she and Peter Dickinson been married/together for long enough? And, is John D's book any good? 

I had a very happy bookworm experience the other week- went into my local furniture recycling charity (who also do everything else, incl. books, mostly from house clearances) and saw that someone had donated their fantasy/sci-fi books. I bought 20 of them for £7.50! Amongst others, I got The Bridge of Birds (I heard good things about it) and first 3 books of The Windsingers by Megan Lindholm (in 'to read' pile right now), as well as Beauty by Sheri Tepper- I remember the list saying that some of her books are a bit preachy, is this one of them?

I have also been reading Tanya Huff. As usual, I checked Amazon to see what there is, and as usual, it's difficult to work out the sequence of books from their listing. Can someone help me here? This is what I know:
Blood series- 5 books. Got them all.
Summon the keeper has two sequels- got them. 
There is a 'Quarters' series- I believe Sing the 4 Quarters is the 1st one, followed by Fifth Quarter. Then there is The Quartered Sea and No Quarter. Where do they fit?
Then there is Wizard of the Grove/Child of the Grove/The Last Wizard- how many are there and what are they called? Amazon listing is confusing and there are no picture with some books.
What ho Magic and Relative Magic- are these related?
And how many books in the Valor series?
Is there anything else? 

I'm sure I'll think of some more questions as soon as I sent this.


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