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Fri Feb 18 16:21:46 EST 2005

Maybe it's the word 'hard' in hardback that makes them think so. ;)
(Especially when juxtaposed with softback, and having 'soft in the head' in
the back of one's mind. Or something.)

> Students have a definite preference for paperbacks.
> Partly because they somehow think, as Peter Dickinson
> discovered, that they are "easier" or shorter. I
> notice this when I put out a range of books on the
> same theme for a class. Students looking for an easy
> book will choose a 150 page paperback over a 100 page
> hardcover. The good readers who know better also
> prefer paperbacks because they tend to borrow half a
> dozen at a time and they're easier to carry. The only
> hardcovers worth getting are authors were kids are
> eager for the next book - such as Harry Potter. In
> Australia most YA books are published only in
> paperback.
> Jon

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